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Startup Alert: These Two Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Companies Offer Investors Tesla-Like Returns

Written by Sean McCloskey
Posted April 16, 2021

Early investors in Tesla have booked gains upward of 4,100%. With these outsize returns well behind us, investors are looking for the major disruptor in the auto industry. Today, analyst Sean McCloskey discusses two companies that could offer first movers Tesla-like returns in the coming years.

3 Must-Own Pot Stocks as 3 More States Legalize

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted April 15, 2021

The full-scale legalization of cannabis across the U.S. is coming, and you better believe a lot of money is going to be made. So you might as well get some of that action for yourself.

From Jeff Bezos to Bill Gates: Billionaires Are Betting Big on Nuclear Energy

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted April 14, 2021

The U.S. power grid is undergoing a revolutionary shift, and billionaires from Bezos to Gates are lining up to take advantage. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl discusses the shift and what investors need to look for...

Power Is Money

Written by Christian DeHaemer
Posted April 13, 2021

Luke Burgess believes “money is whatever you can pay your taxes with.” Market analyst Christian DeHaemer agrees with this sentiment and takes it a step further, asserting that money is the right of power, and all power ultimately derives from the military.

Shocking Realization Puts Robinhood and Coinbase IPOs in the Spotlight

Written by Sean McCloskey
Posted April 9, 2021

Nearly a month has passed since market analyst Sean McCloskey last talked with you about IPOs. But with Coinbase and Robinhood both gearing up for their market debuts, he needs to reveal an undisclosed truth about IPO investing...

Why Biden’s Rail Plan Is Unlikely to Happen

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted April 8, 2021

Jeff Siegel doesn’t know anyone but his colleague Brit Ryle who’s been able to beat Warren Buffett to the punch. You don’t even have to know how Brit’s trading algorithms work to make a lot of money off them in a very short amount of time like Jeff has. Read on for details...

3 Ways to Make Money off Elon Musk Without Owning a Single Share of Tesla

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted April 7, 2021

It is possible to make money from Elon Musk without owning a single share of Tesla stock. Market analyst Keith Kohl gives investors three ways to do just that...

Your Cost of Living Is Soaring (Fed Chairman Powell STILL Not Concerned About Inflation!)

Written by Sean McCloskey
Posted April 5, 2021

The disparity between wage growth and the cost of living, as a factor of inflation, is enormously underreported. Market analyst Sean McCloskey breaks down the incongruity...

Bill Hwang's $20 Billion Fortune Erased (Gamifying Wall Street Has Real Consequences)

Written by Sean McCloskey
Posted April 2, 2021

Markets are finally seeing the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel... and what do the financial gods hand us? The potential for another financial crisis, that’s what. Today Sean McCloskey reveals how to turn the tables on investors hell-bent on tipping the markets like Bill Hwang and Roaring Kitty did.

Post-COVID New York Is an Investment Opportunity of a Lifetime

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted April 1, 2021

If you’re looking for more bang for your buck in terms of post-COVID opportunities, look no further than any industry that’s going to be bolstered by the billions of dollars that are about to get funneled into new energy and infrastructure projects.

What Every Oil Investor Needs to Watch Right Now: Part 2

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted March 31, 2021

Don’t pay attention to oil prices. Pay attention to balance. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl looks at the other side of the supply-and-demand equation inside the global oil market...

The Contrarian Kids Make the Big Bucks

Written by Christian DeHaemer
Posted March 30, 2021

A contrarian investor is one who buys when everyone is selling and sells when the masses are buying. In other words, a good contrarian buys fear and sells greed. It works for one very simple reason: Once all the buyers have bought, there is no one left but sellers. The asset has to go down and vice-versa.

Markets Are Imploding... but These Stocks Are Exploding

Written by Sean McCloskey
Posted March 29, 2021

U.S. markets are back in the red across the board to kick off this week’s trading. With conditions like this, it's more important than ever to have an expert in your corner. Today, Sean McCloskey explains why and shows you how to access three of his colleagues' most explosive gainers on the market.

Market Whiplash? (Investors Using This Strategy Love a 10% Correction)

Written by Sean McCloskey
Posted March 26, 2021

Had enough of the market whiplash yet? Swaths of investors are getting shaken out of the market this week, but there's a better way to profit off volatility other than running for the hills.

$300 Billion up for Grabs for the Psychedelics Market

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted March 25, 2021

Not to sound crass, but to deny that investors can make a lot of money by investing in new cures for serious mental health conditions would be foolish. And that’s why Jeff Siegel is going all in on this market.You should too.